The Fleapit Cinema Club

Our first time on Friday evening at The Fleapit Cinema Club in Westerham, which is a twenty minute drive away. This is completely run by volunteers which is good in itself for a small town like Westerham. The film we saw was Indian we chose this as we like foreign film as they’re different from the usual blockbusters but jus as good and sometimes better. The title of the film was called ‘Hotel Salvation’, which was about an elderly gentleman who could feel he was near the end of his life and so wanted to spend his final days by the River Ganges. His son who accompanied him was getting lots of grief from his boss for being there but stayed nonetheless. It’s worth seeing and set at a warm gentle pace. The Fleapit Cinema Club also provided a pop-up cafe serving Indian Food making the whole evening a delight.


Mr&Mrs Board Game 🤣

Dinner with our friends at the weekend sounded like fun and was don’t get me wrong until the ‘Mr&Mrs Board Game rears it’s head again for a second innings then things change!

First of all question was what don’t you like in salads my friend chose olives although having said this she has eaten them before. Her husband chose anchovies which sounds like the best answer as she has never had and will not try as hates the thought of them. She couldn’t believe he had the wrong answer and then remembered the last game we played over a year ago when he got her favourite sandwich wrong! So many laughs a brilliant night but maybe we’ll choose another game next time.

Opera at Hever

A few weeks ago we went to see the opera The Marriage of Figaro at Hever Castle. A very good production taking place on their smallish stage with its own small orchestra. Just love the setting at Hever Castle, it’s been several years since they moved the stage so it accommodates more people but sometimes miss seeing the ducks that used to walk on stage making their way to lake.


Wish I was back in Cornwall now on holiday as I know the weather is usually cooler there rather than being stuck in South Croydon. The reason being lovely scenery, fresh air and sea. I really can’t stand hot weather. I’ve never been one for sunbathing lying there by the pool taking in the rays, it’s just not me! Of course I’ve done the girlie holidays with all my friends a few decades ago but I was always the one under a sun umbrella with a towel wrapped round me in case I burnt. Maybe it’s because most of my friends tanned easily & I just went red, except for the time I was down under for six months & walking about exploring, although it was Australia’s winter as I arrived in December. Cornwall was beautiful when we arrived at the beginning of June, lots to do & having a wonderful time at the Minack Theatre seeing Hamlet and watching dolphins play out in the sea before the performance started. One thing that did strike as funny was that the theatre company resides in Croydon! My husband enjoyed his skinny dipping early mornings, I alas have MS & would never be able to stagger down the climb to the remote beaches.The only negative experience we had was after buying tickets for the Great Estate Festival as after paying an extra £50 on top of the one hundred or so we paid for the so called Octopus Lounge which supposedly contained proper seating & toilets. I paid this as like I said before am disabled and use a stick. When we arrived we were told it was no longer in use due to high winds the day before making it dangerous. I appreciate that it was no fault of the organisers but having phoned & emailed on several occasions still haven’t received a refund which slightly pisses me off!Another theatre we visited was called The Boat House which was weeny but very interesting seeing a funny play there. The theatre is a family affair with the wife writing the plays, the husband acting & the grandmother making marvellous finger puppets for children when they show a show for children in the afternoons.We visited Rick Stein’s restaurant in Porthleven for his wonderful fish & chips and yes in fact it was the best I’ve ever tasted.A visit to the Seal Sanctuary had to be done as took our first son there when he was nine months old. The penguins were there too which is always a plus as everybody loves penguins.The Eden Project was amazing with so many exciting plants & trees of all different colours & some wonderful smells like jasmine. Well worth the entry fee as spent a good few hours here, sampling one of their smoothies which was very nice. Excellent staff who were on hand for talks on various plants & even a lift back in for of their buggies as I would have struggled otherwise with the walk. We had an afternoon in Boscastle as I wanted to visit The Museum of Witchcraft & Magic which found fascinating as very much into pagan religion. A tarot reading completed our day & another great place in Cornwall worth a visit.I could go on with other things we got up to but think everybody should give Cornwall a visit rather than lying on a towel by the pool with a drink in hand!!

Bestie’s Wedding

Yesterday we went to Bromley Registry Office to see my bestie Sandy get married to Roger. It was such a lovely day nice & sunny but not too warm. Sandy couldn’t have looked any more beautiful & Roger scrubbed up well too! Afterwards we went to ‘The Bakery’ Restaurant Tatsfield for our sit down meal which was amazing, my husband saying ‘it was the best food he’s ever eaten at a wedding’! All their guests were family apart from myself & my husband and was a privilege to be invited. Sandy & Roger are going to Sicily for their honeymoon & we hope they have the best holiday yet.